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We currently focus on


responsive websites with complex business logic behind, such as intranet applications or CRMs


mobile apps in native code for iOS and Android, always up to date with latest features from these platforms


virtual and augmented reality applications, adding the 3rd dimension to your digital experience


Some of our clients

Equatorial Marathon

Web development

UPB admission platform

Web development

UPB students management

Web development

Knauf web applications

Web development

Voci Pentru Mâini - mobile app for deaf people

Mobile development

Azonoptimizing - online course platform

Web development


Here's how we can work together

  • 1. First contact

    We arrange a meeting and talk about your project face to face. We understand your requirements.

  • 2. Digital mockup

    Based on our discussions, we create a digital prototype of your application, simulating the real application use cases. Then we refine the prototype, based on your feedback, until we all agree on a set of specifications.

  • 3. Contract

    We sign the contract, including acceptance tests, which specify criteria for final delivery of the project.

  • 4. Implementation

    We start implementing specifications, based on your priorities. You will receive updates as soon as they're available, including access to testable functions.

  • 5. Delivery

    We finalize all functions and integrate them within a delivered application. You finish applying acceptance tests and accept the final project.